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UpDated - 10/6/19

At the 2019 Annual Town Meeting, citizens approved funding for a new town website.

After being maintained on a volunteer basis for the past 13+ years, the design and maintenance of the website will be incorporated within the town office.

The town website address will remain the same:

New site will be up in October.

Stay tuned . . .
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You are encouraged to let us know what you would like to see on the new site. Ideas and suggestions should be sent to:

Town Communications Committee, Chair,
Tommy Davis at

We are also seeking photos for the website showing Woolwich’s unique character and environment.

The only requirements are that the photos
(a) high quality JPEG image, include all required attribution.
(b) if they include people, provide some sort of have a "permission" or “photo clearance” from the people depicted.

Upcoming Meetings & Events:
@ Town Office unless noted otherwise
The public is welcome at any and all meetings

Selectboard Meetings:
Monday 7 Oct 6 PM
Monday 21 Oct 6 PM

Planning Board Meetings:
Monday 7 Oct 630PM

Trash PickUp, Every Tuesday or Wednesday (whichever is your trash day)
Please have you trash at the curbside by 7:00 AM.

Recycling Days
Monday 7 Oct
Monday 21 Oct

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Town Office
13 Nequasset Road
Woolwich, Maine 04579
fax 207-442-8859

Town Administrator,
Tax Collector and Town Clerk
Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 6 pm
Thursday 9am - 4 pm
Friday 9am - 3:30 pm

Local Events & News

the town office will be closed on Wednesday October 2nd for training
and will reopen on Thursday October 3rd at 9:00AM.

2020 Real Estate Tax Bills
Have been mailed out
First payment is due 31 Oct 2019
Second payment is due 30 Apr 2020
Any questions please contact the town office


The tax rate is $15.15 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation
Last year it was $15 per thousand.

Woolwich Fire Department
Emergency Assistance Program

In the interest of keeping all Woolwich residents safe during natural disasters
such as ice storms or hurricanes, the Town keeps a
confidential list of people
who have signified they may require some assistance.
If you are interested in being on this list, please download fill out the linked form
Forms are also available at the Town office.

Emergency Assistance Program

For confidently of information
Please submit form at the Town Office


Information and other Local Services

Recreation in the Woolwich Area

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Woolwich Community Recreation

"To develop and implement a broad range of year-round programs that will help enrich the lives
of the citizens and visitors of Woolwich, Maine
- to live life better."

Programs And Announcements

Recycling in Woolwich

Recycling Pickup Schedule

Report of Recycling Program for Woolwich

Zero Waste - The end of waste. How do we get there?
A presentation by the
Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Monday, September 30, 2019
6:00 pm

Arrowsic Fire Station

Nomination papers submitted
for 2 Selectboard positions for the November 5, 2019 election
Chadbourne and Greene
Both will be on the town ballot in November


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There have been 94 crashes over the past 5 years
in Woolwich within the 2-mile stretch of US 1, north of the Sagadahoc Bridge.

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The Town of Woolwich New Clean Solar Energy

The town’s new solar project located at the site of the town’s old landfill (236 Middle Road).

View the current solar production of the three panel arrays

More Information

On each of our coins is inscribed America’s de facto motto, “E Pluribus Unum”—from many, one.
For our experiment in democracy to survive, we must live that motto.

This is the official website
for the Town of Woolwich, Maine USA

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