Fire Department

Fire Department


The Department is all volunteer

To Report a Fire Call 911


We are committed to protecting the people, property, and environment of our town.

We remain responsive to the needs of our citizens and visitors by providing rapid, professional services, with dignity, essential to health, safety and well being.

We accomplish this mission through prevention, education, fire suppression, rescue, and hazardous materials response.

The Town of Woolwich Maine Fire Department operates out of 2 stations, 1 central station in town and a sub-station in the northern end of town.

Woolwich Fire is part of the Sagadahoc and Lincoln County Fire Chiefs Associations and provides mutual-aid to all the surrounding communities.

Woolwich Fire is led by Chief Michael Demers, a town hired position.

If there is anyone interested in belonging to an organization, helping your community, helping people in need and learning life saving skills, here is your invitation to come down to the fire department and get your application. There is a need for people in all departments: Fire, EMS, and the Fire Department Auxiliary. We have a task for everyone.

The Fire Department participates in town activities such as Fourth of July Fireworks, Woolwich Days, Christmas Yule Sing and the Tree Lighting, and now the annual fishing derby held on Nequasset Lake in February.

The fire department’s auxiliary annual craft fair is also held at the fire station every year in December. We strive to give back to our community and have fun doing so.

In the event of a power outage, when the power and telephone service is out for a long period of time, town citizens can come down and get water and a hot shower and a smiling face.

During storm outages, if your power goes out, please call CMP and report the outage. This will help CMP get power back quickly and safely. If your telephone is out, contact the fire department or the town office and let someone know so we can call the proper authorities to get them working again in a timely manner.

Please remember to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you change the time on your clocks in the spring and fall. If you have kids, it’s very important to practice your escape plan once a month in the event of a fire.

Kids should know their address and a phone number to reach a parent in an emergency and know to call 911 in the event you are not able to.

Fire safety begins at home

Fire Chief

Michael Demers

13 Nequasset Road
Woolwich, Maine 04579

Phone: (207) 837-5251


Deputy Chief

Glen Kirkpatrick


Mike Thiboutot


Donald Munsey

Safety Officer

Jen Munsey

EMS Director & Director of EMA

Brian Carlton

13 Nequasset Road
Woolwich, Maine 04579

Phone: (207) 837-8457
Town Office: (207) 442-7094


Lonny Rowe


Brandon Bailey

Safety Officer

Larry Albert

Health Officer

Paul H. Dumdey, M.D.

346 River Road
Woolwich, Maine 04579

Phone: (207) 443-3479

Shellfish Warden

Jon L. Hentz

36 Webber Road
Georgetown, Maine 04548

Phone: (207) 371-2732

Animal Control Officer

Terry MacGregor

1497 Middle Road
Dresden, Maine 04342

Phone: (207) 737-2093

Woolwich Fire Apparatus

Engine 4- 2008 Ferrara 1250/2000 Pumper/Tanker
Engine 3- 1999 Central States/Freightliner 1250/1000 Pumper
Tank 1- 1986 (Refurb 2007) GMC/EVM 500/1800 Tanker
Squad 6- 2006 Ford/Dingee 250/250/CAFS, Extrication, Water Rescue
Brush 5- 2001 Ford Brush Truck
Utility 2- 2008 Kuboto 4x4 UTV O -Road Brush Unit
Service 1 Chevy 1500 Pick up
Rescue 2- 2003 Ford
Marine 1- Boat- 16' Water Rescue