UpDated - 7/17/19


Monday July 1st, 2019

Regular Selectboard Meeting
At Woolwich Town Office

ATTENDANCE: David King, Allen Greene, Jason Shaw, Allison Hepler, and Dale Chadbourne.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Prior to the beginning of the regular meeting Town Administrator, Kim Dalton led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of our country.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to approve the June 17th, 2019 minutes as written.


Allison Hepler: Allison stated she went to a meeting in regards to the Back River restoration, she also had met with DOT and what is on their agenda. Allison also stated the grant for Bridge 46 is getting submitted within the week.

Jason Shaw: Jason commented that he completed the required statement needed for the annual audit which needed to be completed by one of the Select Board members. Jason also met with EMA Director, Brian Carlton and the County EMA director in regards to a Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Allen Greene: Allen stated he went to the Human Resource’s Management Conference on Friday. They discussed items such as recruiting staff, and municipal leadership. Allen also said he was awarded the prize for free attendance for the year to Maine Municipal Association trainings and conventions.
Dale Chadbourne: Dale said he drove out the other night to check out the tower lights from CMP but it was an over cast evening and was not able to see very well.

David King: None

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Sue Whittaker asked about the Nequasset Park budget and how it became overdrawn. Sue would like to see a breakdown of what has gone into the budget and what is being spent. Jason stated the money had not been transferred from the matching grant due to a change in Town Administrators and has since been taken care of. Joan Jordan wanted to find out about handicap swim access down at the park. Jason stated that the second grant the town applied for was denied. David King mentioned that the grant was capped at $15,000 and the town could not have possibly done everything that was requested for. The committee would like to have a meeting with the Board which will be scheduled for August 19th at 5:00PM.

Debbie Locke asked everyone to check out the case in the lobby at the town office. The theme is based on the Fire Department.

Mechelle Given asked about the Hall Road Survey and who was awarded the bid. She had not seen any information in the Select Boards minutes or on the list serve. Mechelle was informed that the minutes showing the awarded bid were just being signed and approved that evening.
Lynne Thompson from the Old Arrowsic Road asked what was going on with all the flags along the road. Jason stated they were dig safe markers. Jason and Jack would be going out later in the week to assess the area.

ROAD COMMISSIONER’S REPORT: Jack said he and Pete Coughlin from MDOT went over all the roads that will reference the E911 and we are all in compliance. Jack also stated that paving will begin the end of July.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER’S REPORT: Bruce stated he issued 2 septic permits and one building permit for a new house. Bruce also said he left a copy of an E911 ordinance in the Select Boards mailboxes. Jeff from E911 in Augusta recommends that all towns put together an ordinance. Bruce was looking into model ordinance’s for the town to adopt.

EMS CHIEF’S REPORT: Brian said they had 10 calls in which Woolwich responded to all 10. There were 2 transports, NE responded to 7 of the calls. Since the fiscal year 2018-2019, there were approximately 258 calls, 158 transports and 100 with no transports. Woolwich had a 93% response rate and transported 42% of the calls.

FIRE CHIEF’S REPORT: Mike was not present for the meeting but sent his report, there were 4 calls since the last meeting, a smoke investigation of burning without a permit, a permitted burn that flared up after being unattended, one EMS assist and a residential fire alarm. The Fire Department spent a day with Tri County Fire School going over fire service ladders. The Fire Department has also acquired a house for training located on Sanders Road.


a. Appointment of Kimberly Dalton/Town Administrator Jason made a motion, Allison seconded with all in favor.
b. Appointment of Chelsea Lane/Town Clerk Allison made a motion, Jason seconded with all in favor.
c. Appointment of Linda Dow/Tax Collector Allison made the motion, Dale seconded with all in favor.
d. Discussion of E911- It was recommended by the Board that Bruce Engert be the addressing officer for the Town of Woolwich, The Board voted unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 6:44PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Dalton
Town Administrator

Approved: ___________________________
cc: Selectboard/Staff

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